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Comment Ficathon!

Have you seen our [community profile] remix_her fandom poll. If not, check it out! If about some comment fic!

[community profile] remix_her is a lady-centric remix challenge, so this comment fiction is the same. You can write anything you want--from het to gen to femslash and beyond--featuring and celebrating the ladies of the fandom. In the spirit of this remix, always a girl fics don't count here, but any fics about canon, female-identified characters do.

So, let's get to it:

-Pick a fandom and a pairing or character
-Pick a prompt
-Post as many prompts as you want (but please only post one per comment)
-Fill as many prompts as you want (you can even fill your own prompts!)
-Have fun!

Leverage: Sophie/Parker, high rise
Gossip Girl: Blaire Waldorf, beyond being a princess
Hellsing: Integra/Alucard, push and shove.

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