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Remix Her Community Rules

Wait, a remix? Can't I just sign up for the general remix challenge?
Of course you can! If you want to, you absolutely should. The thing about Remix/Redux is that many of the stories out of that challenge are dude-centric. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that! There are a lot of great stories out of that challenge.

What we're looking for is a remix challenge that focuses on the women of the stories.

Wait, what?
That's right, this challenge is for the ladies. (Of fiction. You do not need to be a woman in order to participate, of course.) Remember that story you read that had about five sentences worth of Vala Mal Doran (or Morgana or Zoe Washburn or Athena or Liz Forbes) and how you wanted to know what she did during the story?

This is your chance to write that.

The rest of the questions are behind this cut tag )

Wait, I have another question! One that hasn't been covered here.
Ask it in the comments here.